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At Kids Talk Speech and Language Therapy we provide a child centered, collaborative approach to speech and language development. Our personal and patient approach is especially effective in helping your child in overcoming barriers that have impeded their progress so far. We have experience in working with children with autism, mutism, stuttering, specific language impairment, speech sound delay and Downs syndrome and we welcome the opportunity to help your child reach their full potential. If you are looking for an expert speech and language therapist in Herefordshire, North Herefordshire, Shropshire, or Midlands, you can count on us.

A collaborative effort

We believe that by all pulling together in the same direction, we are more likely to see and hear very real progress.

Every effort is made to involve you throughout each stage of the process and we encourage your support and participation throughout your child's journey of development.

An empathetic ear

We understand how difficult it is for both your child and yourself as the problems with their speech and language are resolved.

Rest assured, you will be met with an understanding ear and all the support you need as we progress forward together.


Learning in a comfortable environment

By learning in their own home or school, your child is more likely to feel at ease with our new practices.

We believe that teaching in a familiar environment is one of the many ways that we can expedite your child's speech development, helping them to quickly realise their untapped potential. Our speech and language therapy course can change the life of your child.

Is your child experiencing mutism, stuttering or speech sound difficulties? Talk to the Midlands' speech experts now on

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